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Originally Posted by |FTA|krepper View Post
and i would also like to welcome |FTA|xOopsyDaisy69x i can confirm that she wont mess about and i will get her signed up in a mo!! I cant believe that my wife wants to play as well lol
Hi mate. I can see that she registered but she hasn't clicked the security link on the email that for forum sent to her. Assuming she is using Shatmail then you may need to go in to her spam folders and have a look for it. I can manually activate her but I would rather do it the right way and make sure my latest, really simple way of blocking the spambots is working.

In under 24 hours of bring this site back online I was getting over 40 Spambots trying to register every day. Changing the security from the ReCaptcha system to a really simple question asking who the UK Prime Minister has confused the shite out of our mostly Eastern European friends trying to sell us cheap trainers and penis pumps lol.
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